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Nutrients & FoodHydroponic nutrients are one of the most important components of your hydroponic growing system. This method of growing plants without use of soil supplies food to the plants by using nutrient media. Every plant needs to receive the right amount of phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, and many different trace elements. The wrong nutrient balance, or a solution without enough hydroponic nutrients in it, could cause serious problems for your hydroponic system. Lets take a look at hydroponic nutrients and how to pick the ones that are right for you.

There are all kinds of different commercial nutrient options out there. Some claim to help your plants smell better. Others will allow you to produce plants more quickly, to get more blooms on your flowering plants, or to produce sturdy plants with significant root systems. The right hydroponic nutrients for your garden will depend in part on what you…

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Happy FrogHappy Frog High Phos. Bat Guano 0-5-0 | HPI – Know More… & Grow More!

Our high phosphorus bat guano is perfect for gardeners who want the extra strength of this single, powerful ingredient. Because of the long aging process that this product goes through, our bat guano is packed with phosphorus to deliver spectacular flowers, sweeter fruit, and multiple bud set. Packed in a resealable plastic bag. 

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Accurate pH Meters | HPI – Know More… & Grow More!

Re-Cycler by HPI

Accurate pH Metes

Accurate pH 7 and Accurate pH 8 | HPI – Know More… & Grow More!

Accurate pH 8
The Accurate pH 8 is a professional pH and Moisture Meter with 12 Probe. This meter can measure pH and moisture at depths up to 12 inches. No batteries are required. This meter comes with a cleaning pad and six month limited warranty.

Accurate pH 7
The Accurate pH 7 utilizes the electronic ground field effect of the earth on two dissimilar metals. No batteries are required. This meter comes with a cleaning pad and 6 months limited warranty.

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