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History of Hydroponics

AztecsAztecs were true hydroponic pioneers who grew crops on rafts woven out of reeds and roots, on the edge of lakes. When they were driven off of their land, in the 11th and 12th centuries, they settled on the shores of Lake Tenochtitlan (and others) in Mexico, where it was too marshy to grow the traditional way. So, they developed an ingenious, revolutionary way to grow crops in the water! The lake shores were stocked with mineral-rich deposits that were used to nourish the food they grew on the water. The floating rafts that they constructed where often attached together to form entire floating fields- the size of islands- on which they grew everything they needed to sustain themselves. Plantroots grew through the rafts, made of natural fibers, and dangled into the water, sucking in everything they needed from the nutritious lakeā€¦

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